Finding Your Gold

Transcending Limitations ~ Revealing Peace

As a coach and guide, I support men and women in moving through the spaces of transition we find ourselves in, into a deeper connection with ourselves, with the peace and fulfillment that has always been in our hearts. These spaces of transition increase as we get older or as we live through belief challenging/shattering experiences. They show up as doubts, suffering, yearning, “is this all there is?” and their very presence brings the opportunity to look at the rules, expectations, beliefs we have adopted and lived by so we can more consciously choose what we no longer need, in favor of opening to our innate wisdom and living a purposeful life. It’s a calling… to be who we truly are… a calling that can bring us closer to the peaceful realization that we are all connected, we are One. And that not only transforms your life, it transform the world.

Stepping Into the Present Moment

Lately, I have been diving into what it means and what it feels like to be in the present moment… witnessing, reflecting on my experiences, realizing the impact these present moments have in the rest of my life, where I am better able to step out of the angst and regrets of the past and the worries about a future that is not here – and step in to the richness of the Now, the Present, where peace, acceptance and gratitude are the norm.

I look forward to supporting you in finding your gold and revealing the peace in your life.